April 16, 2011

Everyone makes their home on the Earth, so everyone has a responsibility to do their part to keep it clean, right? Today we participated in Baynanza, which is a county-wide effort, including dozens of events, to make sure that we do what we can to save Biscayne Bay. The Bay is so important to the ecology of south Florida, and pollution over the years has caused serious problems for the environment.

Last year, thousands of volunteers removed over 40 tons of garbage from the shores all around the Bay. We’ll try to beat that record this year – it’s sad to think that people don’t realize what pollution does to the environment, but it’s awesome that people are working to take better care of our Biscayne Bay.

We were assigned to Oleta River State Park. While picking up trash on the beach, we noticed these colonies of brilliantly colored bugs, a testament to the biodiversity that we’re trying to protect. These look like shield or milkweed bugs in the Lygaeidae family, but we cannot identify them. Can you?

Click image to view hi-res version.

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